Bernard Corcos, Chairman & CEO, Finest International | Finest Residences

Bernard Corcos

Bernard Corcos is the founder, Chairman & CEO of Finest International, parent company to Finest Residences. Bernard began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 15, alongside his studies. During later years, after an academic education as an international business lawyer, he noticed that real estate operators and individuals had difficulties to reach efficiently and on a large scale qualified...

Larry Kestelman, CEO | LK Property Group | FINEST RESIDENCES

Larry Kestelman

Larry Kestelman is a serial entrepreneur whose limitless enthusiasm for business has bred a winning culture throughout the expanding portfolio of companies over which he presides. A Ukrainian migrant, Kestelman's rags-to-riches life story has made him a beacon for achievement in Australia's business, technology, property, and sporting landscape. While he's best known as the face and founder of...

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