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Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Welcome to Monaco Yacht Show 2023 from 27th to September 30th

The Monaco Yacht Show is to start its prestigious 32nd edition, taking place from September 27th to September 30th, 2023.
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Passalacqua, Lake Como | Finest Secrets for Finest Residences

Welcome to Passalacqua: A Place of The Heart on Lake Como

Passalacqua rekindles the Italian custom of villeggiatura, which was not just a vacation but a cherished tradition.
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money-web-15Anti-Money Laundering in Luxury Real Estate | Finest Secrets for Residences

Guardians of Integrity: Real Estate Lawyers’ Crucial Role in Anti-Money Laundering

Guardians of Integrity: Real Estate Lawyers' Crucial Role in Anti-Money Laundering in Luxury Real Estate.
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The Real Estate Attorney's Duty of Secrecy | FINEST SECRETS by Finest Residences

The Real Estate Attorney’s Duty of Secrecy

Discover why hiring a real estate attorney is the most effective way to maintain the secrecy in a real estate transaction.
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Attorney Aaron Lindquist, Managing Founder at Coastal Legal Counsel • Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina | Finest Residences Lawyer for North Carolina, USA

Attorney Aaron Lindquist Joins Finest Residences for North Carolina

We are glad to welcome Attorney Aaron Lindquist, Managing Founder at Coastal Legal Counsel as our new Finest Lawyer Member to North Carolina.
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Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Monaco Yacht Show 2023, The World’s Greatest Yachting Event, Unveils Dates: September 27-30

The Monaco Yacht Show is delighted to formally announce the dates for its prestigious 32nd edition,...
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Why hiring a real estate lawyer | Finest Residences

15 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer to Buy a Luxury Property

15 reasons why you should consider hiring a real estate lawyer to purchase a luxury property.
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Luxury Residences Report, 1st Semester 2022 • Milan, Italy | Tirelli & Partners | Finest Residences

Luxury Residences in Milan: A Record-Breaking Half-Year!

The LUXURY RESIDENCES REPORT Milan has been published by Tirelli & Partners showing the figures...
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AHPO, 115m superyacht by Lürssen | Monaco Yacht Show 2022 | Finest Secrets by Finest Residences

Monaco Yacht Show 2022: Five Superyachts That Will Leave You in Awe

The Monaco Yacht Show offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore some of the world's most colossal superyachts, with the 2022 lineup more astonishing than ever.
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Philipponnat Champagnes | Finest Residences

Philipponnat Champagnes, an Heritage of Tradition and Prestige

For nearly five centuries, the prestigious Philipponnat Champagnes are synonyms of tradition, singularity, excellence, and generosity.
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Graff Tribe Collection • High Jewellery | Finest Residences

African Legend inspires Graff Tribal Collection

Graff Tribal Collection, the story of a little girl creating the Milky Way sparks a celestial...
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Grotta Palazzese • The Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World | FINEST RESIDENCES

Grotta Palazzese, One of the Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World

One of the most beautiful restaurants in the world is the Grotta Palazzese in the picturesque Polignano, in the province of Bari, in Italy.
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Monaco Yacht show 2021 | Finest Residences

Monaco Yacht Show 2021: The Ocean’s Eleven Greatest Superyachts

Discover the 11 greatest megayachts and superyachts of the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, the most prestigious yacht show of the world.
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Monaco Yacht Show 2021, Your Essential Guide

The Monaco Yacht Show, the world's greatest yacht show, is gloriously back in the legendary Port Hercules. The 2021 edition will unveil the world's finest superyachts by the industry's greatest players.
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Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 | Finest Secrets • Finest Residences

Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, Reinventing Nautical Activities to Preserve the Planet

Reconciling nautical activities with respecting the environment is tomorrow’s challenge and the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 aim to address it.
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President Biden to Convene Leaders’ Summit for Democracy

“The virtual Summit will take place on December 9 and 10, and it will aim at defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights,” the statement said.
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