Spanish residential estate market to rise until 2020

spanish residential real estate market | Almudena Cathedral and Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain | Finest Residences

Since the start of 2017 a wind of optimism blows on the Spanish residential real estate market. Its recent recovery seems to last and overseas property investors may consider it.

The 20th Annual Statistical Analysis from R.R. Acuña & Asociados states that the 2.3 % rise of Spanish national property prices in 2016 is expected to reach 5 % per annum over the next two years, remaining constant until 2020.

The firm predicts however that investors need to chose their area with care, as large disparity in property price growth is expected over the 17 regions and 50 provinces of Spain.

This was illustrated near the beginning of the property recovery in 2015 when only 46.8 % of the 8,000 plus municipalities in Spain grew in price, while the rest kept stagnating.

The majority of new jobs and economic growth is likely to be situated in the main metropolitan areas and the Costas. Construction of new builds is likely to increase to meet new demand in those zones, after a slump in recent years.

It seems that carefully chosen investments in the right areas of Spain could reap dividends over the next few years.

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