Monaco Yacht Show 2023, The World’s Greatest Yachting Event, Unveils Dates: September 27-30

Monaco Yacht Show 2023

The Monaco Yacht Show is delighted to formally announce the dates for its prestigious 32nd edition, set to grace the calendar from September 27th to September 30th, 2023.

Recognized as the foremost annual congregation of superyachts on a global scale, this event remains an indispensable rendezvous for discerning private yacht owners and prospective clients seeking a distinctive and immersive foray into the realm of yachting opulence.

In a continuation of its visionary three-year “Seducation” development initiative, the Monaco Yacht Show, in 2023, will mark the consolidation of its inaugural phase.

The “Seducation” program is an ingenious undertaking, a collaborative endeavor with the industry, anchored upon four foundational pillars: ecological innovation, cutting-edge design, an intimate grasp of yachting intricacies, and an unparalleled visitor experience. The stewards of the Monaco Yacht Show aspire to transmute the exhibition into a genuine “yachting ecosystem,” one that actively promotes eco-conscious innovation and presents visitors with a captivating and educational voyage through the latest avant-garde trends in the yachting world.

This audacious program’s ultimate aim is to bolster MYS’s stature as the preeminent international showcase for the luxury yacht industry, all while providing a truly unforgettable encounter for connoisseurs of yachts and the finer aspects of lifestyle.

Since 2021, MYS has thoughtfully curated its exhibition, incorporating thematic elements such as the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, Sustainability Hub, Adventure Area, and the Dockside Area. The latter provides privileged access to the on-water yacht displays, tailored to cater to visitors with a keen interest in yacht projects.

The forthcoming show will cement the first “Seducation” cycle by unveiling a remarkable assemblage of 120 superyachts and megayachts, each available for discerning buyers, including the highly anticipated debuts of 2023. Furthermore, visitors will have the privilege of immersing themselves in the latest lifestyle trends aboard these vessels, facilitated by a handpicked selection of yachting enterprises. The Dockside Area and Adventure Area will offer an all-encompassing dive into the world of yachting and its associated activities.

The Monaco Yacht Show will also ensure the participation of influential industry players, who will showcase innovative and sustainable solutions in design and environmental stewardship, placing a spotlight on eco-conscious technologies and providing an inspirational vision for yacht enthusiasts. This will be eloquently represented through the Sustainability Hub and Yacht Design & Innovation Hub.

Lastly, attendees will have the opportunity to attend daytime conferences and access tailored information tailored for prospective yacht clients. Here, they can engage with leading experts and highly accomplished professionals, aiding them in realizing their bespoke yacht projects.

The Monaco Yacht Show remains committed to crafting an exclusive experience for its visitors, all while contributing positively to the perception and advancement of the yachting industry.

Indeed, this is an industry that has, for several years, embraced its social responsibility with a proactive and dedicated approach, fostering economic, technological, and environmental development to address contemporary societal imperatives in its unique and impactful manner.

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