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For nearly five centuries, the Philipponnat family has left its mark on the Champagne region. So many men and women have succeeded one another on the lands of Ay, the cradle of the family since Apvril le Philipponnat, owner of vines at the place called “Le Léon”, between Ay and Dizy since 1522. In the 16th century, the family’s ancestors were winegrowers and merchants, suppliers to Louis XIV, magistrates and Royal Mayors of Ay, a town that had depended directly on the Crown since the Counts of Champagne.

The Heritage

At Philipponnat, the heritage has been handed down over the centuries: a line of men and women who are still the custodians of a centuries-old philosophy. Each one of them is careful to pass on the know-how they have inherited from their predecessors. The spirit of the family is always present and the teams work to produce the wines in accordance with the values of the House: with singularity, excellence, generosity and simplicity.

Philipponnat Champagnes: The Collection

To make its wines, Philipponnat uses the best grapes, mostly from the Premiers and Grands Crus, exclusively in cuvée (first press), and makes it a point of honour to always harvest grapes that are riper than the Champagne average. Some of the wines are fermented or aged in barrels, which is exceptional in Champagne, and the ageing in wood gives them greater complexity, without making them heavy. The wines are aged in bottle on their lees for three to eleven years. Affirming a particular style that does not give in to trends, the House elaborates a range of Champagnes that are above all wines: tasty, powerful and balanced.

The aromatic intensity, especially of the Pinot Noir, is their common thread, and the search for freshness and minerality their architecture. This perfect balance between intensity and freshness is preserved by low dosage. At Philipponnat, the old vintages are kept “on point” in the “Caveau du Trésor” and disgorged on demand after a long ageing. The Philipponnat collection offers a complete range of wines for all tasting occasions: so many vintages particularly adapted to gastronomy. The three non-vintage cuvées and the three vintage cuvées are completed by the prestige cuvées: Cuvée 1522 and Cuvée 1522 Rosé, Clos des Goisses and Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé.

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