The Monaco Yacht Show Impact on the Yachting Sustainability

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Monaco Yacht Show 2019 | FINEST LIVING | Finest Residences

Since 2010, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has worked in collaboration with the Monaco Yacht Show to promote sustainable yachting and encourage environmental excellence. Welcoming nearly 32,000 participants this year and organising specific events such as the RINA award, the Monaco Yacht Show plays a significant role in the adoption of sustainable solutions by the superyacht industry.

Most of the world’s major yacht builders, all prominently present at each the Monaco Yacht Show, are now very conscious of the crucial importance of sustainability for the planet. Moreover, the arrival on the yachting market of a new generation of buyers, more conscious of the challenge that sustainability represents for themselves and their future children, shows that the sustainability subject is now strategic from an economic point of view. For these reasons, leading builders such as the Dutch Feadship, Oceanco and Amels and the German Lürssen are thus more and more engaged into integrating innovative, sustainable solutions in the yachts they build. Here a some of the finest superyachts

Syzygy 818 by FEADSHIP

Sustainability is today a major subject at Feadship. The prestigious group of shipyards strive to build yachts in the most eco-friendly manner and partner with owners to ensure they will operate their Feadship the same way. Feadship has launch series of symposiums called Future Lab, the group experts to discuss this subject and examine solutions.

Released on a regular basis in order to inspire the next generation of owners – and those people who had never even considered owning a superyacht – the Feadship Future Concepts have had a remarkable impact since the initial one was unveiled in 2006.

Syzygy 818, a Technological Prowess of Design & Efficiency

In the case of Syzygy 818, one of the most expected superyachts starring at Monaco Yacht Show 2019, further elements were essential before the owner would embark on building his first Feadship. Glass technology had to evolve to the degree where it could be used in the desired manner in a superstructure and provide the clear lines of vision which the client required. Computerised 3D design needed to progress to the point where an extraordinary amount of curvaceousness would be possible in both the glass as well as the overall yacht. Last but not least, electronics and engine expertise had to reach the level where a superyacht could attain a degree of fuel efficiency which met the owner’s sustainability goals.

M/Y SYZYGY 818, 77.25m Motor Yacht by FEADSHIP, showcased at Monaco Yacht Show 2019 | FINEST LIVING | Finest Residences
M/Y SYZYGY 818, 77.25m Motor Yacht by FEADSHIP, in world’s premiere at Monaco Yacht Show 2019. Photo © Feadship


As an innovation designer at the Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco, Wim Verhoeff works on many of the largest and most expensive superyachts in the world. In fact, Oceanco’s most recent builds Bravo Eugenia, Black Pearl and DreAMBoat, all launched at the Monaco Yacht Show and the latter this year, have already won critical acclaim and become some of the most recognizable yachts in the world.

Oceanco is deeply committed to help people and the environment along with building some of the largest yachts in the world, featuring innovative sustainable features to help minimize their ecological impact.

DreAMBoat, a superyacht design for efficiency

DreAMBoat is an example of proven reliable technology, combined with state-of-the-art AV/IT infrastructure, including a complex IP ship’s computer operating system. She has been designed for efficiency on many fronts such as the installation of a heat recovery system for potable water. Moreover, she has achieved the ECO-IHM (inventory of hazardous materials) notation. This notation demonstrates an overall commitment to operating the vessel on an environmentally sound basis beyond statutory compliance. 

M/Y DreAMBoat, 90m Motor Yacht by OCEANCO, showcased at Monaco Yacht Show 2019 | FINEST LIVING | Finest Residences
M/Y DreAMBoat, 90m by OCEANCO, introduced at Monaco Yacht Show 2019. © Oceanco


AMELS became in 2016 the first Dutch superyacht builder to meet stringent new International Maritime Organization (IMO) emissions regulations. The successful test under independent Lloyd’s Register class supervision ensures the generator sets of the new 57.70-metre AMELS 188 will comply with IMO Tier III NOx emissions limits.

A reduced ecological footprint

AMELS is leading a new generation of engineering best practice to reduce the ecological footprint of its superyachts. In addition to IMO Tier III NOx compliance, the AMELS 188 features its Hybrid Power switchboard for peak shaving with the battery bank, a Smart generator set configuration and a Heat Recovery system.

Efficiency and lower cost of ownership

The AMELS 188 is designed and equipped to increase efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint. These features have been developed together with parent company DAMEN’s extensive Research and Innovation facilities:

  • Hybrid Power switchboard with battery bank – peak shaving and managed load shedding ;
  • IMO Tier III NOx compliance with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) ;
  • Exhaust gas purification system on generators for soot particles ;
  • Advanced Heat Recovery system uses residual energy from the generators to heat potable water, the Jacuzzi and increase HVAC reheating efficiency ;
  • Generator set configuration with Smart Power Management (SPM) system ;
  • Thoroughly calculated insulation package for hull and superstructure. Windows have a special heat absorption layer, leading to substantial savings on HVAC power demands ;
  • Lower fuel consumption due to highly efficient hull developed with DAMEN Research Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and tank tested at MARIN institute ;
  • Lloyd’s Register Green Passport, rigorously documenting materials for recycling and disposal ;
  • Lloyd’s Register Environmental Protection notation, technically prepared for compliance ;
  • Energy saving LED lighting for both interiors and exteriors ;
  • Waste water treatment plant: effluent quality as per IMO MARPOL MEPC.159 and US Coast Guard approved (type II) for foreign vessels visiting US coastal waters ;
  • Bio friendly anti-fouling certified TBT free
M/Y 57.3m / 188ft Volpini 2, Amels 188 | Finest Residences
M/Y 57.3m / 188ft Volpini 2, AMELS 188 © AMEL DAMEN | Finest Residences


The Lürssen family and company are deeply aware of the need to protect not only the world’s oceans and coastlines, but the entire global ecology and climate. In cooperation with their clients, they consistently apply their innovative resources to reduce the environmental impact of their yachts. For example, recent vessels such as the sumptuous TIS, the longest superyacht introduced at the Monaco Yacht Show to date, feature a new compact silencer with integrated SCR filter and additional soot filter to lower NOx, soot and noise emissions below current regulatory limits. In addition, Lürssen is the first yacht builder to utilize waste engine heat to operate a vessel’s onboard desalination system for drinking water. The company keeps investing substantially in research of energy sustainable technologies, such as fuel cells and hybrid-concepts. But Lürssen’s interest in protecting the environment goes beyond the vessels they build: Lürssen is a major contributor to the marine biodiversity conservation organization Blue Marine Foundation.

M/Y TIS, 111m Motor Yacht by LÜRSSEN, showcased at Monaco Yacht Show 2019 | Finest Secrets | Finest Residences
M/Y TIS, 111m Motor Yacht by LÜRSSEN, introduced at Monaco Yacht Show 2019. © Lürssen | Finest Residences

The Monaco Yacht Show’s donation to the Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation

Fondation Prince Albert II de MonacoLast but not least, The Monaco Yacht Show has been involved with the Prince Albert II of Monaco for several years regarding their sustainable developments commitments and especially to compensate the environmental footprint of the event.

Each year, the Monaco Yacht Show gives indeed a donation to the Prince Albert II of Monaco to fund environmental projects. This donation represents a strong sign sent from the yachting sector to the international environmental community to show that the industry is aware about its carbon footprint.

The project led by the Institut Méditerranéen d’Etudes et du Développement Durable (IMEDD) of Monaco with the Monaco Charter on Wood – to fight against deforestation – and the Monaco Sustainable Development Goals at the Monaco Yacht Show shows that this event in Monaco is a unique place in the world to federate the yachting industry professionals about the sustainable development and environmental issues.

To attend the next Monaco Yacht Show, pleased visit the official website at

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